Задайте найбільш важливі критерії і знайдіть кращу роботу !

Опис оголошення


Робота в Україні - польський роботодавець

• Machinery sales, machine selection consultancy and after-sales service,
• Explain the technical details on the supplier-customer line.
• Contact with domestic and foreign suppliers,
• Business trips to verify the condition of machines,
• Independent preparation of OFFERS and execution of contracts with constant contact with the producer,
• Organizing machine transport to the customer,
• Negotiating and supervising contracts at every stage of implementation,
• Expansion of customer base,
• Maintaining long-term, positive relationships with clients,
• Acquiring new suppliers,
• Market analysis and competitive companies in the industry.
e-mail: biuro@xleasing.pl


  • 1.
  • • Knowledge of construction machinery (minimum 1 year)
  • • Secondary or higher education,
  • • Very good technical knowledge,
  • • Ease of communicating and establishing good relationships with customers,
  • • Caring for the highest stan


  • 2.
  • • Interesting work with responsible tasks,
  • • Stable employment conditions - full-time employment contract / work contract,
  • • Product training
  • • Attractive salary
  • • Necessary work tools: telephone, car and la


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